The Country's Premier Hot Air Balloon Ride Service

What is Balloon Rides Across America?

Balloon Rides Across America’s goal is simple: We will provide the best, most accessible, safe and enjoyable hot air balloon experience possible for ballooning enthusiasts anywhere in the United States.

Our staff is courteous and efficient in helping to book your adventure. All of our pilots are FAA commercially rated and are of the highest caliber. Each affiliate location utilizes state-of-the-art equipment of the best quality. You can rest assured that you’re booking a hot air balloon ride with highly qualified, skilled, commercially rated pilots.

What specifically sets us apart from other balloon companies out there? We are not a Gift Certificate sales company. Everyone here is a Professional Balloonist and represents the only Balloon Team in the United States providing this level of exceptional experience.

Planning and scheduling a flight with us is a cinch. Simply let us know where you are or where you’re going. We’ll handle the rest. Either call or email our reservation center to select from one of nearly 100 launch locations, and we’ll confirm your date and launch time. On your flight day, all you need to do is phone us

About the Founder

Balloon Rides Across America founder Stan Hess experienced his first balloon ride more than 25 years ago. By his description, he has never stopped. Stan has been involved in various world-class hot air ballooning events, has navigated the skies of dozens of countries, and has competed in world-renowned hot air balloon competitions, all of which have given him unique insight in creating a first-class experience for you. He knows ballooning and he knows balloonists. And after all these years, he knows what makes that indescribable feeling of drifting thousands of feet off the ground so extraordinary.