The Country's Premier Hot Air Balloon Ride Service

Santa Rosa (Flights depart from Santa Rosa, CA)

$299.00 $299.00

Enjoy hot air balloon rides over the Sonoma County wine country and the beautiful Santa Rosa Valley region. Depending on the altitude on your balloon ride, you may see the Pacific Ocean, look into the Napa Valley or on a clear day, from your balloon, the buildings in San Francisco 60 miles away! At lower altitudes your hot air balloon will take you just above the grapevines. You will see rabbits, deer and other wildlife. Your hot air balloon may even dip into a lake or pond for a "Splash and Dash." When the pilot is not adding heat to the hot air balloon, you will experience peace and quiet. Imagine the most incredible view from the hot air balloon as you experience the uniqueness of looking out of all four "windows." No other form of flight offers such oneness with nature.

Receive a flight certificate suitable for framing along with photos and a packet of special offers. Extend your stay and see all the things to do in Santa Rosa, CA.

Questions? Contact one of our friendly staff members at 800-592-1525.

The departure location is:

Santa Rosa, California - Departure details confirmed upon booking.